The news may leave you feeling that kindness has all but disappeared. But it is happening every day, everywhere, and we want to make those stories the headlines. This year, we're putting kindness front and center and celebrating the impact that each act makes. Will you join us?


Take the pledge to perform an act of kindness.

Then tag three friends to spread the good.


people have answered #ACallforKindness.

Read the video transcript for 'What's the state of kindness in America?'

We all have the capacity for kindness – but we don’t always act on it. Our campaign, A Call for Kindness, aims to change that. We partnered with to ask people which kind acts make the biggest impact. We then surveyed people across all 50 states to find out which kind acts they were prepared to do for others, and which kind acts people had done for them. Thousands responded, and the results surprised and delighted us. It turns out, as a society, we have an enormous capacity for kindness. Now we want to challenge you to make these results a reality. Take action now to show that every act makes a difference.

Are you in?

We are grateful to all of the partners who have pledged to participate and hope to have you join us, too.

Our partners include The Antidote, Beekman 1802, Capital One, Cellular Sales, Fazoli's, GoWireless, Jerry,, LifeQuest, Little Words Project, Lixil, Nextdoor, The Quarto Group, Riley's Way Foundation, Routine, Russell Cellular, Sambazon, TCC, Uvii, Victra, Visible and Wireless Zone.