Important information about Verizon programming and channel renewals.

In order to offer you some of your favorite TV channels, Verizon needs to obtain rights from media companies. Over the years, we have successfully renegotiated thousands of expiring contracts without Fios TV service interruptions. However, in certain circumstances, Verizon may be required to cease carriage of a broadcast/cable channel if its authority to continue carriage is withheld.

Verizon's permission to carry programming on the channels listed below will expire in the next 90 days. We may be required to cease carriage in all formats if we lose carriage rights on or after a specific expiration date.

AyM Sports, Bloomberg TV HD, Bloomberg+, Canal 22, Estrella TV , Home Shopping Network (HSN), Home Shopping Network 2 (HSN2), Jewelry TV, NewsNation, Reelz HD, Sony Entertainment TV (SET Asia), Telemicro Internacional, TV Asia, TV5 Monde, WASA Estrella TV, WAVY CBN, WAVY getTV, WAVY NBC, WDCW Antenna TV, WDCW CW, WDVM TV, WHTM ABC, WHTM Grit, WIVB CBS, WNLO CW, WPHL Antenna TV, WPHL Comet , WPHL Court TV, WPHL PHL 17, WPIX Alive Antenna TV, WPIX Court TV, WPIX CW, WPRI CBS, WPRI Dabl, WPRI My Network TV, WRIC ABC, WRIC COZI TV, WSYR ABC, WSYR Bounce TV, WSYR MeTV, WTEN ABC, WTEN Antenna TV, WTEN COZI TV, WVBT FOX

If and when an individual agreement cannot be reached, and we are required to remove programming from Fios TV channel lineups, details will be provided on theĀ TV Content Agreement Information page.